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In the world of online payment systems, the two mighty behemoths are PayPal vs Skrill. Everyone else is a dwarf by comparison, and dwell. Skrill Payment Gateway. Find payment methods, currencies, languages, compatible shopping carts, fees, rates, and more. Skrill's has become one of Europe's leading online card payment companies. Read our review, compare free price quotes & save money for your business now!.


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Then the account was verified. Steve, did you get your matter resolved? I was scamed by skrill, they waited until money arrived to the account, and then asked for papers that in my country doe snot exists or cant be issued, I lost Dls.. It looks like a game they play on their clients? I thought cool that was simple but NO! Vince, u could try yr. Haben Sie ein Unternehmen? Skrill is a lousy company who does not respond to tickets, updates of tickets, phonecalls. I can not withdraw my money on Skrill: I was asleep at the time SKRILL stole my money! Dies ist inakzeptabel für ein Finanzinstitut.